Nanobotmodels made detailed animation of future DNA repairing process

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Nanobotmodels made a detail animation of the DNA-repair process using a nanomechanical robot. You can see all stages of repair in this animation, based on a DNA-nanorobot model.

Human DNA is under constant assault from harmful agents such as ultraviolet sunlight, tobacco smoke and a myriad of chemicals, both natural and man-made. Because damage can lead to cancer, cell death and mutations, an army of proteins and enzymes are mobilized into action whenever it occurs. Therefore there is a system of DNA repair in a cell.

But sometimes DNA-repair process not so efficient, but nanomedicine can radically improve it.

Developments in nanotechnology and nanorobotics are opening up the prospects for nanomedicine and regenerative medicine where informatics and DNA computing can become the catalysts enabling health care applications at sub-molecular or atomic scales.

Cell repair nanorobotics is young developing part of nanomedicine, so next decade will be decade of DNA reparation using nanotechnology tools.

More information about DNA-repair nanorobot you can find here:

For more information about DNA-repair nanorobot animation please contact info(at)

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