Nanobotmodels presents new illustration of drug-delivery technology using nanodiamonds

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Doxurubicine drug delivery

This image illustrate drug delivery using nanodiamond particles inside cancer cell. This work based on article “Dodging Drug-Resistant Cancer with Diamonds” Timothy J. Merkel and Joseph M. DeSimone, Science March 9, 2011 issue. Doxorubicin delivery using nanoparticles can avoid cellular resistance to this drug in oncology.

Doxorubicin (Dox) is a drug used in cancer chemotherapy. It is an anthracycline antibiotic, closely related to the natural product daunomycin, and like all anthracyclines, it works by intercalating DNA, while most serious adverse effect being life-threatening heart damage. It is commonly used in the treatment of a wide range of cancers, including hematological malignancies, many types of carcinoma, and soft tissue sarcomas.

Nanocargo loaded

 nanocargo loaded

Nanodiamond-mediated delivery of the chemotherapeutic Dox allowed for prolonged activity and increased apoptosis with decreased toxicity when compared with free in liver cancer cells in culture as well as in vivo in mouse liver tumors, as writes Joseph M. DeSimone in Science article.

Nanobotmodels Company illustrates this article with high precision and made it scientifically accurate. You can see how doxorubicin delivery inside cancer cell works. Image conception depends on color-based division of each protein or molecular complex. Also image provides cut view of cell interior. This illustration show cell membrane structure and all molecular complexes (exclude water). Also picture shows beauty of molecular processes inside cell.

More about Dox delivery using nanodiamonds you can find in Science March 9, 2011 issue.

Nanobotmodels Company provides illustration of drug delivery process including various types of nanoparticles. Our goal – make realistic vision of modern drug delivery technology.

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